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Conversations with testing customers on Catalog-based Pricing

I have had very interesting conversations with our testing customers this month. The topic was around how to categorize testing around a Catalog-based model. It is similar to ordering a seven course meal at a restaurant. While the example sounds simple, being prepared to and delivering the meal as per the consumer’s expectation is important.

Based on our experience in testing, we have come up with this model for both Functional and Non-functional testing. For one of our customers, we are implementing a functional testing catalog-based model for testing of their websites. These are sites that can go through simple to complex changes and may need multiple rounds of testing. For another customer, we have a Performance Testing catalog-based model where their brand sites will go through rigorous Load Testing every month to ensure their customers see the high performance in their sites.

We see a lot of possibilities in engaging our customers in this model. Here are a few benefits that customers are able to achieve from this model:

  • Provides predictable pricing and testing cost/schedule to Business team
  • Eliminates the need for a people-based model
  • Enhanced governance and operational focus
  • Metrics driven SLA approach that helps drive continuous improvements

I would love to get your views on this model and what challenges you see in these kinds of models. Please feel free to share your comments.