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Corporate Blogging: It’s All About Engagement

Posted on: 20 October '09

Almost a decade after blogging has become mainstream, B2B marketers are still struggling with the fundamentals of how it can (or will impact) their business; whether for brand awareness or lead generation. Research results show that less than 25% of blog readers trust the content contained in them, which is less than traditional channels such as broadcast, print media and direct mail. One explanation for this result can be attributed to the fact that blogging is still in its infancy relative to these other channels. But the other reason is the wrong blogging strategy many companies have adopted.

It’s All About Engagement.

By the time MindTree launched its first corporate blogs in early 2009, we certainly did not have “first-mover” advantage. In fact, we were blogging “laggards,” considering that Technorati had already indexed over 115 million blogs before we launched our first one. So we needed to ask ourselves what we would do differently.

In my opinion, corporate blogging has failed in large part because of self promotion. If your corporate blog strategy is promoting the company and/or its products and services, you are making a big mistake. Your customers don’t care to read about this. Instead, try creating an “unordinary” blog strategy by putting the focus on your customer’s problem, something they care about. If you can bring value or insight to their problems-the ones that keep them up at night-then they will remain interested and your corporate blogs will prosper.

So MindTree started our corporate blogging strategy by making the promise to engage with our customers.

To engage effectively, corporate blogs should tap into the field—the people who are closest to your customer’s customer-for blogs topics. If the blog author sits in a corporate office, then he/she is probably a few steps removed from direct customer interaction. Instead, get the sales, delivery or customer service teams involved.

The challenge for services marketers is also about creating new engagement opportunities. Without a product to promote, MindTree saw blogging as a channel that could engage its C-level executive target audience a lot better than other online channels such as the corporate Web site. We have a lot of work to do, but we think we’re off to a good start.

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  • Geetha

    As a regular visitor to MindTree’s Corporate Blog, I would like to thank all of you for giving us some absolutely delightful and insightful learning takeaways which are also multidisciplinary! For a layperson like me, it’s like attending some MBA classes in a highly reputed University!

    Thanks and regards,


  • Thanks for writing Geetha. This is so nice to read. I hope we can continue to “engage” with you via our blogs!

  • Vijay. M

    Hi Joe,

    Its good that MindTree has started its Corporate Blogging initiative this year, its better late than never and I am loving all of the blogs.

    I think MindTree should also venture into publishing audio and video podcasts on Apple iTunes or its own website. The top management at MindTree can be interviewed and or can be engaged in a conversation. Even some of the Community presentations that happens at MindTree can be recorded and played to the world. This way it can reach more people.

    A best example for this is Accenture publishing consulting and high performance podcasts on iTunes.

    Regards, Vijay

  • Niket Mohan

    Hey Joseph,

    I am an avid follower of MindTree blogs and would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for sharing really wonderful and interesting topics. As I am presently persuing MBA, I am finding it really helpful in understanding the key concepts of the business enviornment. There is certainly a lot of difference in the blogs posted here and ones on other sites. The content, topics, quality is simply amazing. Please keep enlightining us like this in days to come. Wishing the Mindtree Family all the very Best.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Niket Mohan

  • sannidhya

    Rightly said. Bang on target as to why corporate blogs fail even to capture the attention of employees.believe a blog is good way to expose the public, potential clients included, to the ways of the organisation, its capabilities and offerings. These are typically not possible via traditional means and help create confidence!

  • Vijay:

    Thanks for writing and your suggestions. Podcasts are something we are investigating right now. I wouldn’t be surprised if we have launched a podcast program by early 2010 so stay tuned. And keep reading!

  • I echo your thoughts and recently posted on a similar topic from a product company perspective –

  • Vijay. M

    Good to hear from you. It will be great to hear from the people at MindTree through podcasts. Its the way to go for MindTree.

  • Geetha

    Dear Joe,

    Am always amazed at your prompt responses! Thank you!
    Would love to hear from you about the very famous ‘golden hour’ call made by you to Mr. Larry Kinder of Avis. It would mean a lot especially for youngsters like my daughter who are doing their MBA and specializing in Marketing.

    Thanks and regards,


  • Hi Joe,
    I love the diversity of thoughts and backgrounds that MindTree blogs provides. I do have to admit that I got hooked here, because of the Gardeners’ blog. Even if I don’t understand the technicalities embedded in John’s blog – I find that as well a pleasure to read. Everyone who blogs here comes across as genuine and that is what I like best.
    Best regards,

  • Shyam

    I feel in blogging, as with other forms of social media, the signal to noise ratio is extremely low. Just because such tools allow for wider connect doesn’t mean that adopting them will give us an advantage.It is imperative that we use them to become all the more focused & provide something of value. If we don’t respect our readers’ time, he won’t come again. In the online world, exit is just a mouse click way.

    P.S : Don’t we have a twitter plug to share these articles ? That’s the in-thing now !

  • Thanks Geetha. Responses like yours means a lot. Sometimes I think the only reason I am still employed at MindTree is because of that call!! (just kidding) But it’s nice to have a place in MindTree’s great history. Perhaps I will write about this in a future blog.

  • Thanks Lubna. Diversity is at the foundation of our blog strategy. We want something for everyone. Please keep reading and sharing your feedback.