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How to create a universe of candidate mobile applications to guide your roadmap development

In our introductory blog on this topic, we discussed the key challenges faced by IT leaders. We also outlined a simple four-step process to get started with a mobile roadmap.

How should business and technology embark on an Omni channel strategy? How can customer engagement be strengthened through contextual and relevant interaction? Should the mobile portfolio be focused on customers, internal stakeholders or business partners?

The first step in our process was to develop a universe. This universe should contain all candidate applications for mobile along with their overall business value.

Candidate applications can be:

  1. Internal (For employees and partners)
  2. External (For customers)
  3. Revenue focused (Sales, cross sell, etc.)
  4. Productivity focused (Reduce cost, streamline business process, etc.)

The classification then leads to a 2×2 matrix as follows, which immediately bubbles up the top investment areas based on the impact.

Customer Engagement

The importance of universe creation of mobile capabilities cannot be overemphasized. Too often, business leaders struggle with conceptualization and prioritization of their initiatives. A universe creation brings the most important needs to the fore by kicking off a stakeholder wide analysis of associated benefits. For example, insurers today are trying to balance customer engagement and service needs from this mobile portfolio.

The next step is to assess the change complexity. Read our whitepaper “4 Steps to getting started with your mobile roadmap” to learn more.