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Digital transformation & logistics – Abstracting the key themes

The world of logistics and transportation has benefited greatly from advances in digital technology. These include supply chain integration, GPS enabled tracking, and RFID based inventory management.  Of late we are also seeing a greater push for end consumer engagement through enhanced tracking and order processing.

From all these excellent advances, we can abstract three general trends that IT strategy is moving towards. These are also embodied in our latest solution mInspect which has been nominated as one of the top 3 innovative products at the SAP TechEd event.

Enhanced collaboration and insights
Stakeholders from across the supply chain must have the information at their fingertips to make decisions. They must also have the ability for unstructured collaboration. This is important for areas such as route optimizations, resource allocations and also several purchase decisions. If we consider a customer as part of the value chain, then collaborating with the customer is a key element. Collaboration platforms must speak to each other, and serve internal and external stakeholders on the move. In order for them to do so, they should have information from across the supply chain, and also have the ability to process & present the information in context of the user.

Product Bundling Granularity
In a world of rising freight costs, and increasing choice, the ability to breakdown your product set into granular offerings can be a great asset. As the airlines have successfully demonstrated, the key is in breaking out every little item you thought was an integral part of the product. Analytics on this data, and scenario analysis in terms of promotions and impact, will significantly enhance revenue management. Customers can be thought of as many different segments, each with their own special needs and preferences. The better our ability to address unique needs, the more effective our business initiatives can be.

Technology updates
Underlying all the business excitement, the one capability that will make everything happen is technology. The top priorities will be to:

  1. Connecting your applications together to integrate the entire supply chain
  2. Providing enhanced data management and analytical capabilities
  3. Leveraging mobile to provide on the move access and collaboration
  4. Upgrading the systems to provide greater revenue management capabilities

Mindtree’s mInspect application addresses collaboration and issue management in various industries such as engineering, construction and operations (EC&O). It is built on top of SAP’s Commercial Project Management (CPM) and is a mobile enhancement to the Inspections module. You can learn more about the mInspect at: