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Some Brands Never Get Old

Posted on: 15 December '10

Last week, I attended Mindtree’s Software Product Engineering (SPE) Customer Council in Monterey, CA. It was great to see our client invest their valuable time to spend 1 ½ days with us and each other, discussing industry trends and issues.

Group CEO S. Janikiraman (Jani) kicked off the event on day number two. To watch the first 5 minutes of his comments, I invite you to watch the video below:


In the video, you’ll hear Jani talk about the making of Mindtree’s visual identity, and how it was created by a then 14 year old young man stricken with cerebral palsy.  Having been with Mindtree for over 11 years, I must have heard that story over 3,000 times…literally.  But I found myself drawn into Jani telling the story once again.

And it struck me that some brands, and what they stand for, never get old.  I am proud to say that is how I feel about Mindtree’s brand.  There are many that are much more well known; and it’s part of our marketing charter to change that. But for a brand to so accurately capture what it is that a Company’s mission, vision and values stand for, I’ll put my money on Mindtree.

Enjoy the holiday season.

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  • Geetha Chandar

    Dear Joe,

    Greetings of the Season and a Very Happy New Year to you and your family.

    Looking forward to a lot of learning from your blog posts in the New Year!

    Thanks and regards,


  • Nice post, Joe. This little kid really captured the essence of MindTree. Happy Holidays.

  • Joe

    Thanks Geetha. Happy Holidays to you and yours. I look forward to more interaction in 2011.

  • Joe

    Thanks for reading and commenting all through 2010. I hope you will be able to join our Webinar on January 5th? Happy New Year.

    Cheers, Joe

  • Geetha Chandar

    Dear Joe,

    Happy 2011!

    This is my ‘Trivia of the Day’ in my blog:

    “This Company, the world’s largest in its category, recently changed its logo for the first time in its 40-year history. Since it is now a well-known brand, it has made its logo a wordless one. Name it. (The Strategist Quiz dated 17th January, 2011).

    And the answer is:
    In March, Starbucks will celebrate their 40th anniversary with the launch of a new logo and identity. Howard Schultz says that the new logo embraces and respects their identity plus evolves the company to a point that’s more suitable to the future. In this video, the CEO says that the logo is at the core the same – the love of the coffee – but by putting the Siren outside the original logo it allows the company to move beyond just being a purveyor of coffee.

    And the words “Starbucks” and “coffee” have been dropped from the logo!”

    Would love to know your expert views on this “wordless” logo change by Starbucks please.

    Thanks and regards,